Please follow the below tips when disposing or handing your Redtop Fly Catcher:

  • Dispose of old traps on garbage collection day.

  • Bait up a new trap 3 to 4 days before disposal of the old one to ensure continuous catching.

  • Top up with water when required.

  • Water volume should be steadily increased as trap fills.

  • Add a tablespoon of local soil to enhance local area organisms.

  • For reusable only: Prepare replacement bait in a suitable container 2-3 days prior to changing to ensure continuity of trapping.


  • Not closer than 5 metres from fly breeding areas (i.e., manure heaps, compost heaps, chicken runs, etc.)

  • At head height or higher.

  • In direct sunlight for temperate climates.

  • In semi shade for very hot climates.

  • Between the fly breeding area and the living environment.

  • Hang the Redtop outdoors in a suitable position with sufficient sunlight. (Not closer than 15 metres from the effected area)

  • Suitable for all areas where flies are a problem such as cattle farm, stables and chicken breading facilities.

This powerful product is highly effective in the home and domestic environment. Bait last for up to a 6-8 week cycle. Our product is attractively priced and easy to use.